Wholistic Blueprint - Week 3

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This week was all about digestion and elimination. We talked about some important roles and fuctions that our bodies have to perform these essential tasks. Here Are The links to the Important Resources:


Fermentation Recipes from Tina Johnson

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Trigger your body to switch into the parasympathetic (rest & digest) with essential oils. Parasympathetic support from Vibrant Blue Oils:

Natural Ways to get you going…

CHT Wellness Blog Post on Constipation:

Copy from Day 3 for your reference:

Food cravings.... these almost always are indicative of someone that is not processing food efficiently or is missing key nutrients in their diet.
We all aim and want to be "fat burners", whereby we use fat as our main source of energy and not sugar. "Sugar burners" are prone to energy slumps, mood swings and being excessively hungry and prone to snacking throughout the day.
Being fat adapted permits you to be free of cravings, issues with energy and sleep. You also will utilize calories more efficiently...and that has a positive net effect on our weight and fat storage in our bodies.
So, my tips for today:
1. Healthy Fats (we discussed this last week), these are foundational nutrients for our bodies. Consume healthy fats with EACH meal or snack. They support immune function, hormone production, brain health. Without them, we are left with frequent infections, low sex drive and often cognitive issues/memory issues.
2. Focus on Meal Structure with the RIGHT macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs). Finding balance between lean proteins, healthy fats and good quality carbohydrates. I want you to plan your meals around protein and fat...and add a carb as a small portion of your meal rather than a large focus.
3. Meal Timing: We touched on Intermittent fasting last week and, if you recall, this means that you create an 8-12 hour window for eating during the day. Our bodies are not designed to be 'grazing" or snacking all day long...this adversely impacts insulin, blood sugar and cortisol levels in the body. I prefer that my clients eat within a narrow window of the day (example between 10am-6pm). I have found that this is very often THE MISSING LINK for fat loss with clients.
4. Movement: you MUST move your body daily. I'm not talking about crazy Cross-Fit Classes or daily burpees (although there is value in these types of activities for some clients), but walking is essential and involves NO special classes, passes or equipment. Aim for 10,000 steps daily....wear a Fit Bit. They are simple and inexpensive and they can be as elaborate or uncomplicated as you like.
OR you can integrate short bursts of activity into your routine. Exercise SMART.
The more muscle we have, the more metabolically active/more calories we burn.
5. Eat less sugar.. plain and simple. The hard truth is that we, as a society, eat too much processed sugar. No one feels good after eating sugary foods....no one. It is highly addictive. Our body preferentially processes sugar and either metabolizes it quickly OR stores it....we don't want to store more sugar, bc it likely is being stored as FAT.
Focus on eliminating processed sugars as much as you possibly can and focus on healthy forms of carbohydrates from fruits and veggies or starchy carbs (limited portions).
Again, these tips are super helpful regarding food cravings....share with me ONE way you deal with food cravings when they occur.
My favorite for craving chocolate.....having a scoop of almond or sunflower seed butter with a few cacao nibs and unsweetened coconut. Very little/no sugar and it satisfies me and doesn't start the cascade of blood sugar highs/lows.