intermittent fasting

5 Days. 5  Topics. 5 Ways to learn more about intermittent fasting.

Most of the nutritional dogma that we’ve been raised with is wrong. We don’t need to eat 6 mini meals a day. Grown adults don’t need snacks. Weight gain does not need to be accepted as a part of aging.

The choices we make in terms of nutrition are profoundly impactful on our health, more so than most of us realize. I use and implement with my clients, intermittent fasting. It’s benefits include cellular autophagy, increased time with our bodies in a parasympathetic state and increased intention surrounding foods that fuel our bodies. That is why we've created Intermittent Fasting: a 5 day free group challenge

Here's What You Can Expect:

  1. 5 different topics of discussion ranging from how to best break your fast, working out fasted and super techniques to take your fasting to the next level.

  2. Daily educational items with expert tips on how to implement each day's topic

  3. Group accountability and support utilizing our private Facebook Group

Here's How It Works:

  • It's easy! Just provide your name and email address (the one you actually use)

  • We will email you the specific link to join our private Intermittent Fasting group in Facebook (when the group opens, hang tight)

  • You hop in the group and engage with each day's guided content, that's it!

    Intermittent Fasting FREE group starts June 17th and runs through June 21st

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