5 Days. 5  Topics. 5 Ways to embrace your Inner Goddess.

We believe that optimal health is intrinsically linked with your inner vitality.  We all have certain things that light us up inside.  When we are in touch with those parts of ourselves we find it easier to choose the best foods, get the best sleep, go for the long walk and give our best efforts to our families and careers.  That is why we've created Find Your Inner Goddess: a 5 day free group challenge

Here's What You Can Expect:

  1. 5 different topics of discussion ranging from intermittent fasting to self-care and self-worth!

  2. Daily action items with expert tips on how to implement each day's topic

  3. Group accountability and support utilizing our private Facebook Group

  4. Tons of Goddess Fun!

Here's How It Works:

  • It's easy! Just provide your name and email address (the one you actually use)

  • We email you the specific link to join our private Goddess group in Facebook

  • You hop in the group and engage with each day's guided content, that's it!

  • Find Your Inner Goddess challenge group starts Sept. 17th and runs through Sept. 21st

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