We are proud to bring to you a BRAND NEW COURSE from CHT Wellness

Inside this online private Facebook group we will spend 60 days together, challenging one another, honoring our bodies and growing from the experience.

You owe it to your body to give intermittent fasting your all

Have you tried intermittent fasting here and there but have had trouble sticking with it? Do you find yourself second guessing your fasting window? Do you have a hard time deciphering which version of fasting you should follow?

If so, then you need this 60 day challenge. Our expert, Cynthia Thurlow will be inside the group every day and will be going LIVE to answer questions every week.

Every single day we will have a specific check in thread to keep each other accountable. Every week we will address topics surrounding lasting success with intermittent fasting. These topics include emotional relationships with food, the psyche of fasting, and more… because the key to lasting success with intermittent fasting tends to be preparedness and mental tenacity.

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We are tracking each participant and their “check in” details. You will have 5 chances to “unlock” tiered rewards. If you “unlock” the reward we will email you a personalized digital badge. By the end of our 60 days if you have collected ALL five badges, you will be entered to win a prize valued at more than the cost of your course registration! That’s right, the investment of this program could literally be returned to you in prize value.

Intermittent Fasting: Challenge 60, starts on June 24th

You Receive:

60 days of accountability check ins

7 LIVE calls with Cynthia Thurlow

8 weeks of topics

5 opportunities to earn badges

1 opportunity to win prizes valued at over $200


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