Diets Don't Work

There’s this outdated dogma around calories in and calories out.  “Balance your body like a checking account” mentality that for MOST women simply doesn’t work.

I want to empower and educate you on the way your body does work especially if you are 35 or older.  That’s why I created my signature program Wholistic Blueprint.  A healthy weight is a by-product of a healthy and balanced endocrine system combined with a balance of fats, proteins and carbs.

There is another topic that goes hand-in-hand with “diet culture” and that is the circle of lies women tell surrounding weight, body image and age.

I empower you all to embrace my new favorite saying, Eff Limiting Beliefs!

You do not have to accept where you are in your health and wellness journey.  STOP SETTLING.

Women are struggling to understand why things they used to do no longer work.  And this is not necessarily an age issue.  I receive messages on social media DAILY from young women wondering why the latest “diet craze” isn’t working for them.

I ask you to think deeply about that old dogma of food in, exercise out.  It’s completely antiquated.  You are probably over-complicating every piece of information that is beign fed to you by the “diet industry.”  

You do not need products, potions, pills, and powders to lose weight.

You are probably subscribing to a limiting belief surrounding your age.

30: I’m post-partum this is how my body is going to look now.

35: I’m so busy at this age I don’t have time to figure this weight loss thing out now.

40: I’m older now so it’s normal to carry an extra 15-20lbs.

45: My hormones are changing again so this is how everyone looks, right?!

50: It’s okay that I don’t sleep through the night, I’m sure “the change” is coming.

55: I can’t go to the gym/studio/group class, that’s for those young ladies in yoga pants.

60: It’s too late for me.


I want to be a beacon of hope for my peers because my health hit (honestly) a crisis. I ended up changing my job, changing how I dealt with stress, changing my exercise and nurturuing my body with gut healing, hormone-balancing foods.

This is the impetus that created Wholistic Blueprint.

Do what is best for YOUR health.  You need a solid education about hormones, your body, and whole foods.

Wholistic Blueprint has 6 main pillars:

  1. Hydration/Sleep

  2. Nutrition/Intermittent Fasting

  3. Toxins

  4. Digestion

  5. Adrenals & Thyroid Health

  6. Self Care

p.s. the changes surrounding peri-menopuase starts in your late 30’s not your 50’s.  Pay attention and learn NOW so that you can transition in your life with grace and vitality. 

My clients have reported within two weeks of Wholistic Blueprint, improved quality of sleep, improved mental clarity and reduced food cravings.  I want this for you too!

I’m very passionate about the niche of women that I work with.  Mostly because I see the women suffer in silence.  My clients confide in me that they have felt “off” sometimes for years.  Their general practitioners haven’t heard them.  Does this sound like you?

My client Haylee said “Being inside the Wholistic Blueprint group program was so great because I didn’t feel alone anymore”

Let’s dial in on your lifestyle, let’s ensure you are heading into 2019 in the BEST way possible. Your age does not matter. If you can relate to anything I’ve mentioned above, this program will work for you! Don’t wait till peri-menopause to care about your hormones and your endocrine system. 

 I know what it’s like to have insane food cravings.  I know what it’s like to not sleep well.  I know what it’s like to gain weight and not feel like yourself.  I know what it’s like to have to scale back on exercise.  I’ve been there and I’m back in better health than I’ve ever been before and I’m 47.  I’m sharing the photo below to show you that it’s possible.  

Cynthia Thurlow

Quit dieting.

Quit counting calories.

Quit trying to out-exercise your hormone struggles.

Start feeling good.

Start eating whole foods.

Start supporting yourself with quality sleep and self-care.

~ Cynthia

p.s. to learn more about Wholistic Blueprint click below

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