5 Ways Coffee Enemas Can Rock Your World

I know that the word enema, may give you hives, BUT (no pun intended) take heart in knowing that enemas have been part of civilization since Biblical times and coffee enemas, in particular, have been present for the last 100 years at the time of the World War eras. They were initially used to help support soldiers healing from battle injuries and pain management when narcotics and pain medications were not plentiful. Their popularity grew when they were made famous by the Gerson institute in the 1950’s to help support cancer patients during their treatment. Today, they are becoming increasingly more common as functional nutrition and medicine utilize them as part of treatment modalities to support detoxification, infections and other digestive disorders.

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Coffee enemas have been well researched and supported in the literature, but it is often a topic that many healthcare providers are uncomfortable discussing with their patient or clients. We know that the main sites for detoxification efforts in the body are the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and skin. When your liver is bogged down with the side effects of poor dietary choices (aka-standard American diet), too much estrogen, heavy metals, etc, it cannot function optimally or efficiently. Combined with someone that is not effectively having regular bowel movements and the gut becomes overtaxed and inefficient. So, if you are constipated, just imagine the amount of left over waste that is just sitting in your colon! We produce 1-2 pounds of fecal material daily…so give that statistic a whirl!

It is believed that current data from Clinical Nutrition Research, demonstrates that caffeine from the coffee enema travels to the liver and opens up blood vessels,

relaxes smooth muscle that helps with elimination and general circulation. It is also believed that coffee opens up bile ducts and increases production of bile, which all benefits elimination and detoxification efforts.


So, what are the benefits:

  • Boost in the production of the enzyme, glutathione, which has profound anti-oxidant activity and reduces inflammation
  • Helps improve immunity
  • Helps support improved efficiency with bowel movements and overall digestion
  • Can be useful in the treatment of cancer (Gerson therapy)
  • Can be beneficial in cases of estrogen dominance and heavy metal toxicities

Now, how exactly do I undertake this process?

  • Enema kit bucket and tubing (Find on Amazon)
  • Enema coffee (find on Amazon)
  • Plan, plan, plan ahead. Prep your coffee and let it cool before setting up your kit and supplies. Trust me.
  • Have a bowel movement before you start your coffee enema
  • Arrange for a time to do this in a private, calming space. This is not the time to try and rush through this process when you are trying to get your children to school or you have company at your home. Many clients prefer doing this in their bath tub or on their bathroom floor with towels underneath in case they need some absorbent materials close at hand.
  • Your goal is to retain the enema for 15 minutes, but at the beginning you will likely need to slowly work up to this amount.


As always, a few cautions….

If you are pregnant or a child I would not suggest attempting this; or have a prior history of significant gastro-intestinal issues, you may want to discuss with your healthcare provider before considering an enema. Also, you absolutely must be well hydrated both before and after your coffee enemas, it is easy to get electrolyte shifts, so you need to ensure you are appropriately hydrating.

I, myself, started doing coffee enemas last fall when trying to support my liver prior to undergoing a mercury detoxification protocol. I’m happy to report that doing these every 3 days for 6 months helped reduce my levels of mercury and I was able to avoid a more prolonged mercury detoxification protocol. Something so simple was so effective and the boosts in glutathione were incredible.

So, have I convinced you to consider coffee enemas? If so, let me know in the comments below!

~ Cynthia