The Prescription to “F” Up Your Adrenals

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I’m usually quite conservative in my videos and posts, but this topic keeps coming up with my clients and the women I help, so I wanted to get the right information out there to you!

The first thing we do as women to screw up our adrenals is overexercising. In your twenties or thirties, that may have been your go-to, but now, you need to take care of your body with rest days and restorative therapy. Things like yoga, Tai Chi, or meditative work to engage the parasympathetic mode in your body. We need to implement these so we’re not in constant flight or fight.

The second way you can “f” up your adrenals is by eating too little carbs. We need carbohydrates as women in the form of quality carbohydrates like root vegetables, sweet potatoes, and quinoa. There is a place, in moderation, for sweets and low quality carbs, but right now, we need to be eating quality carbs and not depriving ourselves of them.

The third way we “f” up our adrenals is by getting too little sleep. Most people need 7-8 hours of good quality sleep, while they are usually only getting 4-5 hours. Sleep is best in a dark, cool room without television, your phone and a place that puts you in a calm, relaxing state.

Those are three ways you can take care of your body and get your adrenals out of fight or flight mode. These are just some of the topics we talk about in my Wholistic Blueprint program. Feel free to set up a phone call with me to tackle these issues you may be having and get on your best path in 2018!



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