Latest Good Morning Washington WJLA-ABC News Channel 8 Interview: Healthy Aging

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It is always an honor to be on my favorite local news channel, WJLA Good Morning Washington, and earlier this week was no exception.


I try really hard to create content that I know my followers will learn from and appreciate, but there’s never enough time to cover all that I want to share…, I’m going to share a bit more in terms of details with you in this post and then link the full interview towards the bottom.


Tuesday morning was like many other 3am wake-ups for TV…I was visited by my talented friend for hair and makeup and then I drove off with all my goodies (or so I thought) to the studio.


When I arrived, I realized I was missing some crucial components of my display!



Thankfully, I had my trusty I-Pad and had taken copious amount of photos during our recent trip to Barcelona. Their markets are incredible!! So,  I apologized profusely and moved onto Plan B (namely, an iPad with fruits/veggies on display as opposed to the $50 worth of highly pigmented fruits/veggies I had in my home refrigerator!).


So, my display looked more like this:



Just imagine what it would have looked like with a big basket of items…oh well. One thing that I have learned is that you have to ROLL with these kinds of mistakes and work onto Plan B vs crying in a heap! We still had a great segment. I focused on nutrition, intermittent fasting, toxins in our environment/foods and personal care products and then self-care strategies. Again, I detailed more of these in a prior blog post 🙂


Link to full interview:

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