How to Cope with Persistent Thyroid Issues

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Many of my clients come to me with thyroid issues they are being treated for, with little success. While there are several reasons you may not be feeling any better, even while taking medication, there may be some natural ways to improve thyroid functioning outside of medication.

The issue with medication…

Many clients who come to me are taking various forms of thyroid medications. The idea behind these medications, like Synthroid,  is they supply your body with a synthetic version of T4 (thyroid hormone) in the hopes your body will convert that into an active T4 that can be used. The problem is that most people’s bodies struggle to turn the synthetic version of T4 into usable T3. This leaves people feeling depleted and tired, despite the medication they regularly take.

Natural ways to improve thyroid output…

While I want to discuss some natural ways to improve your thyroid output, I always recommend you talk to your healthcare provider about treatment options other than synthetic medications. In the meantime, switching to a whole foods based diet is a sure-fire way to improve thyroid output and feel full of energy.

In addition, many people find their thyroid output improves after cutting out gluten and soy, and loading up on cruciferous veggies, organic produce and freshwater fish. Getting about 20 minutes of sunlight also gives the body its daily dose of vitamin D, which goes a long way to improving thyroid function.

Again, swapping out processed foods for a whole foods based diet is critical to restoring thyroid function. Getting your thyroid functioning properly can dramatically improve your quality of life, so it is worth figuring out. Consult your healthcare provider, swap out processed foods for whole foods and get some regular vitamin D. Your energy levels will thank you for it!

If you are interested in having some support as you switch over to this type of diet, check out my Wholistic Blueprint online program. It has everything you need to create a healthy lifestyle that not only optimizes thyroid function, but increases energy and turns your body into an effective fat burner!

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