How to Cope With Mineral Deficiencies

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Many of the clients I work with, both online and off, come to me with various mineral deficiencies that manifest themselves in the form of unhealthy food cravings. Since willpower is easily depleted throughout the day, it is incredibly difficult to continuously fight off food cravings. Not to mention, giving in to a craving doesn’t mean you won’t have the same craving in a day or two. This cycle of craving and giving in, can often lead to low energy levels, weight gain and guilt.

The best way to fight off food cravings is to learn to listen to them. As your cravings reveal the minerals your body may be deficient in, you can work to incorporate those minerals into your diet and supplementation so your body no longer craves unhealthy ways to meet its needs.

Not sure what your cravings are telling you?

Here’s what some of the most common food cravings reveal about mineral deficiencies:


Chocolate is one of the most commonly craved foods because it signifies a common mineral deficiency: magnesium. If you find yourself regularly craving chocolate, consider adding beans, nuts, fruit or cacao nibs to your diet. You could also use a magnesium supplement that can easily be applied to skin before bed. This will not only help you curb those chocolate cravings, but will help with muscle soreness and better sleep.

Salty Foods

Does that bag of chips keep calling your name? If so, you may be deficient in chloride and silicone. Instead of reaching for salty, processed, empty calories, grab some nuts, seeds, or fish to satisfy that craving.

Starchy carbs

If you find yourself craving breads and pastas, you are probably deficient in chromium. Before diving head first into a plate of macaroni and cheese, try some grapes, lettuce, sweet potatoes or onions.


Are you a soda junkie? Sugar overall is incredibly addictive. Sometimes we crave sugar because of that addiction, not because of a deficiency. However, if you find yourself craving sodas, you could be deficient in calcium. Try eating foods like kale, broccoli, sesame seeds and kombucha to stave off those cravings.

Oily  Foods

Oily food cravings are often a result of a calcium deficiency. So, when you want an oily fast food meal, grab some leafy greens instead!


We will all experience food cravings on occasion. However, ensuring that your diet is full of whole foods that are rich in both macro and micronutrients is absolutely critical to long term health and slaying the craving dragon. If figuring out how to create a whole food lifestyle seems overwhelming and stressful to you, check out my Wholistic Blueprint online program. It has everything you need to build a vibrant, energized, healthy, sustainable lifestyle!

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