Highlights of South Beach….food, friends and FABULOUSNESS

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This past weekend, I was in South Beach for a Mastermind retreat with my business coach and fellow entrepreneurial friends….you might be wondering (as my husband was)….why in the world would I need a coach? Well, I’m hoping this post will help inspire you to recognize that even those who lead need to be coached through business, mindset, nutrition, etc…whatever area it is that you feel like you are lacking knowledge and/or accountability to help achieve your goals.


The real beauty is that these women understand, inspire and support me in ways that others may not fully understand. Being an entrepreneur is fraught with anxieties and challenges that I had not experienced before I started this journey 2 years ago…it feels safe and secure to express these in a safe environment amongst women who just “get it” AND, most importantly, are all creating amazing businesses of their own.


This blog post is a departure from my normal “information” sharing and generating post, to provide you with a glimpse into a few days in my life 🙂


We were greeted, upon check-in, with a glass of Prosecco…fabulous start to the weekend!



My dear friend, Jen, and I traveled together and decided to rent a 2-bedroom condo in the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach. It did not disappoint. Here is the view from our room over the bay:



Needless to say, the warm temps and beautiful views were instantly relaxing and badly needed, especially as Washington, DC was cold and rainy during our brief vacation away!


The real purpose of the Mastermind was to work on our business goals, be inspired and work on mindset strategies…it was also to connect and support one another. Additionally, we had professional photos taken with the incredibly talented Nargis Cross, who was visiting from London with her husband, Julian.



The photo above is me being glammed up early Friday morning by Glam Squad (if you have never used them, I highly recommend)…who doesn’t mind a bit of pampering? And, I always feel more confident in professional photos with a bit of assistance. Let’s be honest!


Here’s my first “look”….beautiful blue navy linen dress with fun heels!



And these are Nargis’ behind the scenes shares with me afterwards:



And this:



And this one, the casual look at the juice bar look:



More are forthcoming, but I’m incredibly pleased with my experience!


Of course, a trip would not be a trip and this was no exception…the irony is that there was a Whole Foods around the corner (literally 1 block away)…and Jen and I enjoyed many trips there (I lost count after 4 trips in 1-24 hour period!) and this was our lunch haul one afternoon. Lots of salad, some protein, healthy fats and then a fun gluten and grain free chip:



That evening we met with our Mastermind pals and business coach….the views from the penthouse did not disappoint and we enjoyed some Kombucha cocktails and caught up before the trainings started on Saturday morning.



I could enjoy these stunning sunsets more frequently!




And here are a few shots of the Mondrian…I’m a bit of a decor geek…I can totally appreciate the simplicity and glam factor that is evident in the design vibe in this hotel:





Have you ever been to a Mastermind group event OR been coached?


If so, please share your experiences…I’d love to learn more about YOU!

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