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Hi All,

I am a huge proponent of complete transparency in my business and personally, so I’m thrilled to share with my clients and supporters that earlier this year I joined with Beautycounter. Throughout my own health journey and after witnessing many clients with the same circumstances, it became apparent to me that I needed to more closely examine my personal care products, including makeup and skincare. For that reason I’m proud to announce I am now a Manager with Beautycounter.


I will continue my nutritional therapy and coaching business with no changes, but this adds an additional layer of services to clients and their families.


Beautycounter is committed to the most stringent safety standards in the industry and its mission is to put safer products into the hands of everyone.


The United States currently has only outlawed 11 ingredients in the cosmetics industry, whereas the EU and Canada have outlawed 1400. Additionally, I liked that Beautycounter was committed to lobbying and effectively educating our legislature about the need for more transparency and safety in the cosmetics industry.


I wanted to share this with you for two reasons:


One, so that I can help educate you about the lack of oversight within the cosmetic and personal care industry and the resultant potential exposure to less safe products for you and your family. And encourage you to learn more about the lack of regulations. Do you know that there have been no federally mandated laws protecting consumers since 1938? Think of it this way…..Roosevelt was in the office. Isn’t that astounding?




but also to share that I’m happy to speak with you, work 1:1 or work with you to host a social at your home. I believe that Beautycounter commitment to safer products is worth sharing friend:friend.




A Letter From Gregg To The Hill: Current Practices in the Beauty Industry

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