A Few Reasons to Make Juicing Part of Your Monthly Ritual

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A good friend of mine introduced me to the Weekly Juicery earlier this year and I have not regretted this ritual each month…in fact, I enjoyed it so much that I started offering it to my Wholistic Blueprint Ladies (https://chtwellness.leadpages.co/wholistic-blueprint/) the last few months and I have received incredibly positive feedback.


Why should someone consider juicing combined with a 24-hour day of fasting?  


We know that intermittent fasting has numerous benefits, including improved blood sugar levels, cognition and fat loss, but the combination of both together is powerful. By permitting our bodies an entire day of digestive rest, combined with easily broken down vegetables and minimal fruits, it allows our body to have a reset. I believe that juicing combined with intermittent fasting should be incorporated in most of my female clients’ monthly rituals. I’d rather see someone invest in this than another expensive dinner out with poor quality inflammatory foods that are served at most restaurants. Or another outfit you will grow tired of after one season.


I also love the idea of incorporating a monthly 24-hour day of digestive rest and juicing and, as the owner of the Weekly Juicery states,  ” A ritual is a sacred habit that you hold dear, and what do we hold more dear than good health? Let’s make a ritual of doing something kind for our bodies. A ritual of doing something simple yet powerful to increase our health” and wellness. Doesn’t that sound incredible?


If you are curious about the Ritual, here is my affiliate link: https://weeklyjuicery.samcart.com/referral/H96OKVIX/4ZaNxWJieg0x04cz


I will now be offering this to all my clients, friends and families….reach out if I can answer any questions or how my programs integrate this into your health and wellness goals for 2018 and beyond.


For any of my own clients that sign up, I will be offering some incredible incentives as a thank you, including a copy of my Balanced and Thrive Healthy Hormones e-book that provides you with 3-weeks worth of delicious meals as well as lots of helpful information for supporting healthy female hormones.  If you decide to purchase through my link, please email me directly for a copy of my ebook as a thank you! cynthia@chtwellness.com


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