4-Reasons to Check Out Green Juices….

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Green juices are trendy, aren’t they? So, in the purposes of being the ever-open-minded and reasonable person that I am…I decided to check them out!


Last week I decided to drink a green juice in lieu of my morning water and lemon in an effort to determine how it made me feel and whether or not this was a practice that I needed to do more regularly, because, let’s be real…nearly everyone can benefit from more vegetables, correct?


Some people like to do juice cleanses for an entire day…or use the juices for detox purposes. I prefer to employ other methods for detoxifying honestly.


What are the benefits?


  • Well, traditional blenders and Vitamix-officianados may not realize that the speed that most of these appliances operate at can actually disrupt the natural enzymatic activity of vegetables as well as reduce the vitamin and mineral content of the foods, as well as beneficial bacteria. The actual shredding can increase the rate at which these foods also oxidize. Remember oxidation begets inflammation and that is not beneficial.
  • You can likely get your daily intake of greens and veggies much easier and more accessibly. Don’t get me wrong, I think juicing is reasonable on occasion, but does not take the place of actually preparing and consuming (not to mention chewing) our foods.
  • According to Dr. Mercola, juicing improves your energy levels. I have definitely seen this in my personal life! Dr. Mercola contends that “your blood gets flooded with nutrients and your body’s Ph is optimized”.
  • Lastly, if you really just stick to veggies, it is a lower calorie drink that you can enjoy anytime of the day. Try to aim for less sugar. A few of the juices I checked out in Whole Foods recently had upwards of 30+ grams of sugar..and that is no bueno


How do I know that the the juice I’m drinking is higher quality?


  • Aim to find a reputable brand, like BluePrint. They use a high pressure process, called pascalization, that employs high pressure to destroy micro-organisms and extend the shelf-life of their products. As they say in their advertising…”we do not cook juice”.
  • Aim for organic vegetables and fruits that are likely less exposed to pesticides, etc
  • Avoid artificial colors, preservatives or flavors…yuck!

A word of caution…the prices for better quality green juices are not for the faint hearted….I saw prices in the $5.99-9.99/bottle in our local stores…and I would imagine that reflects prices one would find all over the US. This is a trend that is fine for an occasional use, but for everyday use, I’m going to pass and stick to eating veggies with each meal and keeping my body fueled with other nutrient dense foods and lots of filtered water.


Do you juice? And if so, do you have a favorite brand or method?


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